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Eunuch by E. I. Q. is set in a time when the earth is ravaged by global warming and natural disasters. Our story follows Glenda, a privileged girl who always had the best the world had to offer. However, as soon as she began her adult life, Glenda realized the world was not the bed of roses she thought it was. Women had no rights; they had no power over their own bodies, and they were treated as nothing but an inconvenience. But Glenda was privileged, and she was brilliant. She decided to do something about this injustice …. However, she had no idea that changing people’s minds would be the most challenging part of her job. Before she knew it, she was right in the middle of chaos. Her life could be in danger. Would that be enough to stop her, or was that effort going to be the end of her life?Eunuch by E. I. Q. is a powerful story of resilience and the need to do better for society. Glenda was a powerful character who claimed attention from the moment she was introduced. She was intelligent, dedicated, and knew what she wanted to do. She took advantage of the privilege she had and decided to use that privilege for society’s good. The author created a genuine and believable setup that could be our future. The civil unrest depicted in the story was very much a careful reminder of what could be if we are not careful right now. The race against time and the race against injustice was always in motion. The action was always present, the dialogues were realistic, and the author’s solutions were very workable as well. It was an incredible, fantastic, and heart-racing story.
Editorial Review for EUNUCH by Rabia Tanveer for Reader’s Choice.

Rabia Tanveer

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Novels. Did you see how ambitiously I’ve made that plural?

As of this writing, I have published one full length novel. I have the follow up book planned out already. The title. The setting. The main characters. The actual, basic outline. But, of course, there’s always the matter of time.

Although, I am learning to write the big things in little slices of time, one of the reasons I enjoy writing short stories so much is because I find it a more natural pace for me to move along at. Anyhow, I’ll be sharing all the full length books I publish on this page. The latest book will be featured—showcased, if you will—at the very top because of course.

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However, I’m also including a section here which will, eventually, expand to showcase all my novels. So many novels! Piles and heaps of glorious …

Let me dream!

So, this means I’d better get writing, doesn’t it? EUNUCH does look a bit lonely up there, all alone. Don’t worry. I have the follow up novel in the works. Tentatively titled Adapted, the story picks up in the future.

I detest spoiling things for others so that’s all you’re getting out of me. But, I do have the plot outlined. I know my characters—at least the main ones. I have a basic aesthetic in mind and a vision of where it all leads.

Now I just need the time. That’s not an excuse, I promise. I’m just juggling so many things right now—things I literally cannot just put aside—that my writing time is scarce. Plus, I can’t work on just one project at a time. I don’t know how to do that.

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