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E. I. Q.
5 star review from Rabia Tanveer

5 stars from Rabia Tanveer

Eunuch by E. I. Q. is set in a time when the earth is ravaged by global warming and natural disasters. Our story follows Glenda, a privileged girl who always had the best the world had to offer. However, as soon as she began her adult life, Glenda realized the world was not the bed of roses she thought it was. Women had no rights; they had no power over their own bodies, and they were treated as nothing but an inconvenience. But Glenda was privileged, and she was brilliant. She decided to do something about this injustice …. However, she had no idea that changing people’s minds would be the most challenging part of her job. Before she knew it, she was right in the middle of chaos. Her life could be in danger. Would that be enough to stop her, or was that effort going to be the end of her life?Eunuch by E. I. Q. is a powerful story of resilience and the need to do better for society. Glenda was a powerful character who claimed attention from the moment she was introduced. She was intelligent, dedicated, and knew what she wanted to do. She took advantage of the privilege she had and decided to use that privilege for society’s good. The author created a genuine and believable setup that could be our future. The civil unrest depicted in the story was very much a careful reminder of what could be if we are not careful right now. The race against time and the race against injustice was always in motion. The action was always present, the dialogues were realistic, and the author’s solutions were very workable as well. It was an incredible, fantastic, and heart-racing story.
Editorial Review for EUNUCH by Rabia Tanveer for Reader’s Choice.

Rabia Tanveer

Reviewer at Reader's Favorite
Jamie Michele

5 stars from Jamie Michele

Eunuch by E. I. Q. is a speculative fiction novel that revolves around a dystopian alternate reality where control has been relinquished to the far right who have zealously imposed their extreme version of Christianity on all amid the carnage of a demagogue president, climate change, out-of-reach healthcare, and the outright collapse of a once progressive social structure. Dr. Glenda Milan is a scientist and a natural introvert who places science, reason, and evidence above all else. The sweeping reform that has left women and minorities in subservient positions within society prompts a years-long project she works on in secret called EUNUCH. Glenda pulls a tightly knit group of friends into the project once she’s ready in an act of defiance that belies her own usually deferential persona. Together, the birth of a movement unfolds.


E. I. Q. does an excellent job of world-building on the shoulders of a strong female collective in Eunuch. The plot is riveting and the ability to restrain pieces of information and backstory until they are ready to unfold underlines the steady pacing only accomplished by a skilled writer. I did find the text to be a bit dense with regard to its narrative but given the amount of information being conveyed, I was able to move past it. Still, the character development is so solid that bad things happening to good people feels deeply, deeply personal. The human toll of oppression and unchecked violence plays into a reader’s emotion in a profoundly intense fashion. One scene, in particular, had me near tears as Ana describes an experience to Glenda that turns an already unthinkable structure into an unspeakable one. I always love a story with a strong, intelligent female protagonist and would happily recommend this book to others who do as well.

Editorial Review for EUNUCH by Jamie Michele for Reader’s Favorite.

Jamie Michele

Reviewer at Reader's Favorite
Vincent Dublado

4 stars from Vincent Dublado

An author who simply goes by the initials of E.I.Q. has penned a controversial and thought-provoking feminist science fiction novel titled EUNUCH. Doctor Glenda Milan, along with Doctors Marjorie Belrose and Svetlana Alexeev, comprise the triumvirate of all Biomedical Research and Development at the University of the Miami Islands. They are operating in a time of intellectual crisis, and humanity is close to the edge of falling from grace. With corruption on the rise, triggering a dearth in the pursuit of scientific excellence and women struggling to break sexist standards, Dr. Milan, with her own experience in misogyny from a man who once made her life miserable, is compelled by the need to do more ….

EUNUCH has a cohesive storyline and is quite appealing to read. The device that Dr. Milan invents, although it will capture your fancy, is simply a literary tool that helps to amplify issues concerning gender equality and the plight of women against double standards and sexual assaults. E.I.Q. has written a tale that is much more of a satirical social commentary and a challenge to the status quo. In doing so, it does not take away the merits of her writing and the message she tries to convey, which is filled with hard truths that will likely strike a nerve. The narrative is smooth and passionate, and if this novel does not stir you to think or challenge your viewpoint, then no satirical fiction will.

Editorial Review for EUNUCH by Vincent Dublado from Reader’s Favorite

Vincent Dublado

Reviewer at Reader's Favorite
Joshua Grant

5 stars from Joshua Grant

Author EIQ shows us the collapse of the Earth in an alternate near future in Eunuch! With global warming, natural disasters, and civil unrest running rampant through the world, Dr. Glenda Milan and a small group of scientists race against time to save it. But is their solution worth the cost? EIQ explores some real world problems in an intriguing way. It was fascinating to consider that a solution, though saving the species, could also be decimating in its own sense. EIQ’s writing is crisp and I really enjoyed the moral struggles Glenda had to go through! This book has some dark moments, but if you’re looking for a realistic examination of the end of society, come science up your solution in Eunuch!

Review for EUNUCH from Joshua Grant over at Diabolic Shrimp!


Joshua Grant


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