An Anonymous Authoress

About me?
I did say I was anonymous …
for now, at least.
I don’t want to churn the waters of my day life at this point.
I like knowing that no one I know knows what I’m doing.

So, you see, it’s really not about hiding from you, stranger. You can get to know pieces of me from my work for now. But, I suppose I have to share something about myself. We’re living in the age of everybody knows everything about everybody, after all. So …

About E. I. Q.

  • This is a pen name
    • <I’m very clever>
  • I’m a Miami native, born and raised
  • I’m also a first generation, Hispanic American
  • I learned English as a second-language
  • Writing was the first thing I ever wanted to do
    • I was told that was impractical
      • Yes, I believed that for too long
  • I have files and piles of written scraps of thoughts
  • I’m working on the follow up to EUNUCH
  • My sun-lighting career eats up too much of my writing time
    • As opposed to my moonlighting career as an author
  • Self-publishing has been one heck of an eye-opening journey

Author EIQ … Why a Pen Name?

That’s a question I’m asked a lot, and the answer is quite simple. My daily life and career would become problematic for me if any of the wrong people found out what I’m up to as an author. Frankly, my debut novel is quite controversial.
I really don’t enjoy unnecessary conflict. I don’t even enjoy necessary conflict (although I won’t back down from taking a stance if I feel it’s important). But, encountering drama in my personal or professional lives over my writing?

That just isn’t necessary.

For the record, I do believe in separating the artist from their work. Which is why I said you could come to know pieces of me from my writing. But, as I quite pretentiously said in my self-quoted quote on the Home Page

I am not the purpose of my work. I am the purpose of my life, and my work is the purpose of my I.

E. I. Q.

Now I’m pretentious2

More About Me? Really?

Starting a blog for my writing has been a huge and difficult step for me as I’m generally a fairly private person. But are you really a writer if you never dare to let others read your work? This is my very public attempt to answer that question for myself.

I’ve been reading and writing my whole life. The first thing I ever wanted to do was become an author! My environment, however, was not encouraging of such a financially precarious aspiration. Still, I knew that, one day, I would have to take all these ideas and put them down on paper. Or, well, on-screen.

So, go on. Browse this site. Want to know more about my emotional conditions? Head on over to Poetry. Are you interested in the eclectic ideas that fascinate me until I have put them down on paper? Take a trip to Short Stories. Want to know the level of controversial mayhem that burbles up in my core at the very idea of injustice in the world until the floodgates fail and the waters of rage threaten to drown me if I don’t give them form via the written word? Check out EUNUCH over at Novels.

On a scale of 1 – Laurence Olivier, how dramatic am I?

Thank you for stopping by!

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