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Best Friends

Happy to announce that this title is currently under review for publishing on Amazon. Hang tight for the link as soon as it’s ready!

February Update Week 2

New Submission

February Update Week 2:

I submitted a new flash fiction story for the Weekly Write #16 contest over at Secret Attic. I’ll post it here after the winners are announced, regardless of whether or not I win. I enjoy their contests and, if you’re a writer, you should check them out, too!

Also, I’ll be sharing a new poem tomorrow on the blog here. Of course, you’ll also be able to find it on the Poetry Page. It’s called, “A Heart on Fire.” What can I say? It’s as if February puts Love on the brain …

I’m also working on the next short story I’ll be sharing here, tentatively called, “Best Friends.” Of course, you’ll be able to read it on the Short Stories Page when it goes up at the end of the month. Remember, that means, “The Drive,” will be taken down and published on Amazon. There’s just a few weeks left to be able to read it on this site in full.

Am I forgetting anything else for this “February Update Week 2?”

I think that’s just what I’m going to do from now on, actually. Post an update on Mondays about what I’ve done and am doing. That sounds reasonable, yes?

Oh! Yes, I am! I joined a new site, #Great Minds Love to Read by an author, I met on goodreads, Rolanda Lyles. You should check it out! I’m submitting an author interview with them today, and also received a review for EUNUCH! The site is free to join, and you can simply request a review. There’s no fee, and the review is honest, unpaid, and entirely the opinion of the reviewer. If you’re an Indie Author or Publisher, I suggest you give her site a try!

Ah, yes … finally! I have a Kindle Unlimited subscription. I’m going to be adding some books to my virtual shelf and reviewing them. Hopefully, if they’re on GR, I can add them there, too.

The Sunflowers

I’m so pleased to announce that I’ve submitted, “The Sunflowers,” to KDP as an ebook. It’s now available for pre-order and will go live on Monday, February 1st!

I’ve added it as part of the new series of short stories I’m releasing, The Abiding Fascinations of an Eclectic Mind.

The Sunflowers

James moved to a small town in the south to start over. His idea was to have plenty of time to work on his hobbies as he rebuilt his law career. Unfortunately, his business demands are eating up all his free time.

As he struggles to become part of the community and make his dreams a reality, he becomes fascinated with an elderly man he often sees around town. Always alone and never in a hurry, the old man lumbers back and forth along Parish Road, lugging a beat up old cart full of who knows what to who knows where. James doesn’t know him—doesn’t even know his name—but decides he has to meet him.

When the opportunity presents itself, James reaches out to take it. Getting to know the elderly man at last, he finds more than he even knew he was looking for—a confidant, a teacher … and a friend.

When Did it Get Dark?

This is a 50 word flash fiction story I submitted for a contest, Nifty Fifty July, in 2020 over at Secret Attic.
And I won!
You can get a copy in print (sans image) by purchasing Issue #3 of their Secret Attic Booklets.

For the record, I had originally shared this over on Phoenix Fire Press on August 06, 2020, and also on IG.

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