A Heart on Fire

A heart on fire
 Burns away
 Decades pass
 Scars remain
 Ashes scatter
 Gather again
 A new flame rises
 An old heart pains
 Not forgotten 
 Sorrow wanes
 Hope rekindles
 Faith, reclaimed
 As living dwindles
 Love’s regained
 A heart on fire
 Burns, Always

“A Heart on Fire,” is a simple poem about the most difficult topic. So much has been written about Love yet it remains undefined. It can be felt even if cannot be described. It can be present, even if it goes unrecognized. It’s one of the few things whose store increases by being given away … and it comes in many forms, not just romantic, intimate embraces.

I suppose it isn’t the best timing, but I am interested in reading Love poetry that isn’t necessarily about those romantic, intimate partnerships. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! But, where are the Odes to Friendship? The Sonnets for our Work Spouses? There are so many relationships full of LOVE—platonic, dutiful, companionate, familial, universal … I’d love to read more poems on these themes, too.

What about you? Tell me what poetry you enjoy reading and writing. Connect with me on any social media platform and let’s have a chat about poetry! Or, just share your links with me so I can see your work, too.

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